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  This slow-growing tree reaches 25 to 40 feet in height and spreads to about 10 to 12 f..
  Frangipani is well-known for its intensely fragrant, lovely, spiral-shaped blooms whic..
Ficus Benjamina is a hardy tree growing to height of 60 ft and 60 ft - 70 ft spread. The dense an..
  A handsome specimen, shade, framing, or street tree, easily-grown semi-evergreen India..
  Night-blooming jasmine ? tree of sorrow/sadness ? coral jasmine harshingar ? har sihar..
  black/chebulic myrobalan hara ? harh ? haradh A squat, crooked tree of deciduous fores..
Bauhinia variegata
  The fast-growing White Orchid-Tree grows 20 to 40 feet in height with a 20 to 30-foot-..
  This is one of only a few deciduous trees which grow in tropical and subtropical areas..
Tecoma gaudichaudi
  - It is amongst the brightest yellow you can have in your garden. - Native of West..
  It's believed Buddha was born under the sorrowless tree, one of india most beautiful f..
Acacia Auriculiformis
Acacia Auriculiformis or Dal Moth is an evergreen fast growing tree which quickly reaching t..
  A deciduous small tree that grows to 15 to 20+ feet tall and equal width with a somewh..
Kalpavriksha, Baobab Tree
Baobab or Adansonia Digitata has its origin in the African savannahs and believed to have been br..
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Golden Champak
golden/yellow/orange/fragrant champaka or champak champ ? champak ? champa In its natural home in..
Bottle Brush Pollandi
  The common name "bottlebrush", perfectly describes this evergreen plant's bright red f..
  Reaching a height of 75 feet or more with a 25-foot spread, silk oak is pyramidal to o..
  This fast-growing, 50 feet tall and wide deciduous tree with green and yellow-variegat..
  Pongam is a fast-growing evergreen tree which reaches 40 feet in height and spread, fo..
Christmas tree
A Handsome indoor pine household plant which grows to a manageable 3-6 ft. it is a slow growing p..
  With a spreading, irregular, tiered habit, the appleblossom cassia is covered with var..
Rudraksha tree grows on mountains and hilly region of India, Nepal, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and ..
Thai Crape Myrtle
Thair or malaysian crape (or crepe) myrtle ? tabak (thai) no local name A beautiful flowering tre..
  Native to India, Flame of the Forest is a medium sized tree, growing from 20 to 4O fee..
  Chinaberry is a round, deciduous, shade tree, reaching 30 to 40 feet at maturity and g..
  This tall, semievergreen, native shrub or small tree has feathery, finely divided leaf..
  Rated by some as Indian’s most beautiful tree for its exquisite pale-apricot flower wh..
  Like other trees of the genus Bombax, is commonly known as cotton tree or tree cotton...
  Southern magnolia is a beautiful, large broadleaf evergreen tree native to the Southea..
Neem is a tropical evergreen tree native to the Indian sub-continent. This tree has a history of ..
Crape Myrtle
Often called with name names crape myrtle, pride of india, savani, cheeni mehndi, phurush, Lagers..
Cassia fistula
  While other trees are preparing for winter, butterfly bush is just waking up. This spr..
  This ornamental and hardwood timber tree from India and Southeast Asia reaches heights..
  A graceful tree native to India with spreading drooping branches appearing to be over ..
  A conspicuous, wide-crowned, ornamental tree from equatorial Africa with masses of bri..
  Bauhinia Blakeana is an evergreen tree, in the genus Bauhinia, with large thick leaves..
  Cassia is a medium to large tree from tropical India and reaches 60 feet in height, bu..
  This large, spiny, buttress-trunked deciduous tree has long been cultivated for its sh..
Lagerstroemia Flos Regina
  leza no local name A moderate-size tree with weak, floppy branches and long downy leav..
  The state tree of Virginia, Flowering Dogwood grows 20 to 25 feet tall and spreads 12 ..
  A striking, ornamental tree with a somewhat irregular but dense crown. Native to dry p..
  This non-native deciduous tree will rapidly grow to 70 to 100 feet in height and produ..
  This large, semi evergreen tree forms a loose, rounded canopy and casts light, dappled..
  A middle-sized tree, branching low and forming a dense, dark, glossy head. Reputedly e..
  Chukrasia velutina, commonly known as Bastard Tree, is a tall tree with straight trunk..
  A large Tree from tropical Africa with a short, thick trunk and spreading crown. At mo..
  Queen's crape (or crepe) myrtle ? queen's flower ? pride of india ? rose of india jaru..
  The Tree grows into a wide oval, 80 to 100 feet tall and spreads 50 to 70 feet. Branch..
  Growing 30 to 40 feet tall with an equal spread, 'macho' amur corktree has a short, th..
  Albizia lebbeck is a tree well known in the Indian subcontinent for its range of uses...
  Pink trumpet tree grows at a moderate rate from a slim pyramid when young to a broad s..
Krishna Fig
krishna fig ?krishna's (butter) cup ?markhan katora ?krishna badh A smaller version of the banyan..
  A fairly common strangler fig in Delhi with an immense, spreading canopy that display ..
  As the same suggests, this is a native with surprisingly good cold tolerance (down to ..
Ramdhan Champa
Bird's eye bush ? golden champak ramdhan champa ? kanak champa ? khambar A shrub or small tree wi..
Although a vigorous twining vine, the native trumpet honeysuckle does not spread out of control q..
  This upright, handsome, spreading, semievergreen tree has a rounded canopy and is capa..
Alstonia Scholaris
Alstonia Scholaris is a glabrous evergreen tropical tree native to Indian subcontinent. The tree ..
  This dense, rounded, evergreen native tree grows slowly to a height of 25 feet with an..
  A tall, straight tree with huge, dark, rough-texturned leaves. Young branchless are sq..
(India) rubber tree ? assam rubber ? cautchouc tree no local name ? attach bor (assamese & be..
  Another member of the Ficus family of plants, the Ficus Reginald Plant is an exotic ho..
  This many-branched, broad, spreading, flat-crowned deciduous tree is well-known for it..
Jangli Almond
Almond ? sweet/domestic almond bodam A small, bushy tree with toothed leaves and pretty pink flow..
  Soft, delicate, fernlike, deciduous foliage and dense terminal clusters of lavender-bl..
  This beautiful, native India pine tree is capable of reaching 80 to 125 feet in height..
  The Kadam tree grows upto the recorded height of 80 ft. high flowering usually begins ..
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  This large, semievergreen tree forms a loose, rounded canopy and casts light, dappled ..
  This spreading, fast-growing evergreen shrub or small tree is noted for its brilliant,..
A superb shade, street (where falling fruit will not be a problem), or fruit tree, Sopadilla reac..
  Banyan is a common home and office houseplant, but in the wild it's a giant tree of In..
  Jackfruit ?jack ?jac kathal ?kantthal A handsome evergreen tree with glossy leaves up ..
  Frangipani is well-known for its intensely fragrant, lovely, spiral-shaped, reddish bl..
  Frangipani is well-known for its intensely fragrant, lovely, spiral-shaped blooms whic..
Date Palm
Date palm often reaches a size too massive for most residential landscapes but, fortunately, it i..
  This rounded, evergreen tree eventually has spreading branches, which are green when y..
  Native to the Indian subcontinent, this multi-purpose tree has a natural range that ex..
Whistling Pine
 A tall pine-like tree with a soft, wispy apprearance that grows up to 20-30m (65-100 ft) in..
  The coral tree is cultivated throughout the tropics, particularly as an ornamental tre..
Eucalyptus Citriodora
  Eucalyptus Citriodora is a large, tall upright tree which is variable in form tho..
Rubber Tree
  Often seen as an interior container plant, Rubber Tree has large, 5 to 12-inch-long, t..
  Tuliptree grows 80 to 100 feet tall and maintains a fairly narrow oval crown, even as ..
Banyan is a common home and houseplant, but in the wild it's a giant tree of Indian jungles. Bany..
  A tall pine-like tree with a soft, wispy apprearance that grows up to 20-30m (65-100 f..
  Terminalia mantaly is a deciduous or evergreen tree with conspicuously layered branche..
  bayur ?maple-leaved bayur ?dinnerplate tree kanak/katha champa ?kaniar ?muchkand A lar..
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  A long period of striking summer flower color, attractive fall foliage, and good droug..
  This selection of banana shrub is a dense, upright, evergreen shrub when young that ev..