Creeper Plants

Creeper Plants
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Alamonda Creeper
  Tropical-Almond is a 30 to 55-foot-tall, deciduous tree which forms a symmetrical, upr..
  This round, evergreen, well-branched shrub has large, glossy, dark green leaves and wa..
Aparajita Creeper
  Delicate foliage and dangling blue flowers with yellow cores make blue pea vine a popu..
Although a vigorous twining vine, the native trumpet honeysuckle does not spread out of control q..
Money Plant
One of the most common Indoor plant in India, Money plant is a vigorous climber, it habitats bein..
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Passiflora Creeper
  Red Passion Flower is an evergreen . Its height and spread varies depending on the str..
  This sprawling, mounding, somewhat vine-like, evergreen shrub is quite outstanding bec..
  Fragrant blooms are what make this evergreen woody vine stand out in a crowd. Its glos..
Thunbergia alata
  Many flowering vines thrive  mild climate. By carefully choosing among this diver..
Thunbergia Blue
  From early summer until late winter this vigorously twining vine bears hanging cluster..
Tecoma grandiflora
  Morning Calm is an exceptionally hardy selection of Campsis Grandiflora. Winner of the..
  This may be one of the most beautiful group of plants grown in Florida landscapes, alt..