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This large, multiple trunked, low-branching, evergreen shrub has silky leaflets which are glossy ..
Euonymus variegated
  Euonymus fortunei is a variable growth habit species (small shrub to groundcover form)..
Schefflera Variegated
  Schefflera Variegated Plant gets its name due to its leaves looking like the..
Pencil Bamboo
  A clumping variety of bamboo originally hailing but now popular the world over for bec..
Euphorbia Milli
  The Crown-of-Thorns is a Madagascar native shrub that can reach a height of 5 feet wit..
  This may be one of the most beautiful group of plants grown in Florida landscapes, alt..
Foxtail fern
Myers' Asparagus Fern is a spreading perennial herb that has a fine texture with a stiff, upright..
Heliconia rostrata
  Lobster claw is an herbaceous perennial with leathery, dark green leaves which are bor..
Ficus Repens
  A charming member of the Ficus group with small, slightly heart-shaped leaves. Creepin..
Alpinia Varigated
  Alpinia Varigated is a tall herbaceous perennial that is used in the landscape for its..
  Schefflera Plant gets its name due to its leaves looking like the spokes of an umbrell..
Hamelia patens
  Such a great plant: hardy, drought tolerant, pretty and a butterfly draw. Neighbor has..
Introduction Anyone who has accidentally brushed against a devil's-walkingstick does not soon..
Ficus Benjamina is a hardy tree growing to height of 60 ft and 60 ft - 70 ft spread. The dense an..
Although a vigorous twining vine, the native trumpet honeysuckle does not spread out of control q..
  Hymenocallis is a India native that is popular for its exceptional foliage and snow-wh..
The Philodendron Xanadu, sometimes referred to as Xanadu Only, is a large compact easy to grow pl..
  Four to six-inch globular clusters of bright red, orange, yellow, pink, or white tube-..
  This round, evergreen, well-branched shrub has large, glossy, dark green leaves and wa..
Alpinia Tricolor
The Alpinia Tricolor is a wonderful plant to grow either outdoors or indoors as a house..
Pentas is one of the best butterfly-attracting plants around. It blooms all summer long, even dur..
Hibiscus are deciduous shrubs with dark green leaves; the plants can grow to 15 feet tall in fros..
Bottle Brush Pollandi
  The common name "bottlebrush", perfectly describes this evergreen plant's bright red f..
  This sprawling, mounding, somewhat vine-like, evergreen shrub is quite outstanding bec..
Petunias are vigorously, sprawling, semi hardy, showy annuals. The leaves are round in shape, sof..
Cuphea Golden
Year-round flowering, attractive small foliage, and a neat, round shape help to make cigar flower..
Portulaca Grandiflora has round and short fleshy stems bearing cup-shaped single or double flower..
  This non-native deciduous shrub or small tree is usually 6 to 10 feet in height with m..
  This large, fast-growing, multistemmed shrub is popular as a screen or background plan..
  Fragrant blooms are what make this evergreen woody vine stand out in a crowd. Its glos..