Thai Crape Myrtle

Thai Crape Myrtle
Thai Crape Myrtle
Name: Thai Crape Myrtle
Common Name: Thai Crape Myrtle
Botanical Name: Lagerstroemia floribunda
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Thair or malaysian crape (or crepe) myrtle ? tabak (thai) no local name A beautiful flowering tree up to 20 m tall in its native SE Asian forests, growing no higher than 5 m in Delhi. Its blossoms are like jarul flowers in miniature, distinguished by the buds and fruit-cups being covered by a yellowish mealy substance. Its new leaves are a bright brownish-pink. Rare in Delhi.

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Small: tree; deciduous
Bark: thin, pale brown, flaking off to expose white or pale grey new bark
Leaves: up to 22 cm long obtuse at apex, lightly hairy when young, later smooth; new leaves pink [below]
Flowers: small, in large, terminal clusters, mauve-pink fading to white; 6 crinkly petals; the bud, flower-cup and branches of the flower cluster are all yellow-scurfy
Fruit: a pea-sized woody capsule, held in a scurfy fruit-cup, with faint ridges and 6 pointy lobes. 
Where To See It: 2 large trees in the Vice-Chancellors House in Delhi University; Buddha Jayanti Park has trees close to each other.

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