Dalbergia Sissoo

Dalbergia Sissoo
Dalbergia Sissoo Dalbergia Sissoo Dalbergia Sissoo Dalbergia Sissoo
Name: Dalbergia Sissoo
Common Name: Sheesham
Botanical Name: Dalbergia Sissoo
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A handsome specimen, shade, framing, or street tree, easily-grown semi-evergreen Indian Rosewood has delicate, light green, oval pointed leaflets and can quickly reach 60 feet in height with a 40-foot spread. The inconspicuous, very fragrant, white flowers are followed by slender, flat, brown, one to four-seeded pods. The trunks yield a prized cabinet wood for fine furniture and the Rosewood genus is an important timber tree in India. There are many Dalbergia spp. grown in the tropical regions of the world for veneer and lumber. Though the wood is beautiful, the tree has a reputation for being brittle. Some of this may be due to improper pruning practices or inadequate training when the tree is young.


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Type: Tree
Exposure: Full Sun
Conditions: Hard
Flowering Time: Early Spring, Spring, Late Spring, Early Summer
Fragrant: No ( Flower- Yes)
Habit: Oval/ Rounded
Foliage: Medium
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Salt Tolerance: Low
Light: Full Sun
Temperature: 4-50 C
Sensitive to: Low Water
Watering: Average Water
Repotting: Repot as needed.
Problems: Root encroachment is another common problem with Dalbergia sissoo. Roots can threaten sidewalks, pavers,
curbing, block walls and other landscape elements including lawns.
Maximum Height: 50-70 Ft.


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