Krishna Fig

Krishna Fig
Krishna Fig Krishna Fig Krishna Fig
Name: Krishna Fig
Common Name: Krishna Fig
Botanical Name: Ficus var. krishnae
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krishna fig ?krishna's (butter) cup ?markhan katora ?krishna badh A smaller version of the banyan tree, with unique cup-forming 'pitcher' leaves. It was first described as a new species around 1900 but was later recognized to be a 'bud-sport' or mutant variety of the banyan. It is beginning to be widely grown as a 'conversation piece' in large gardens

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Product Information:

Middle-sized tree; deciduous.
Aerial roots:occasional, thin, wiry, but no prop-roots.
Bark grey, dull, with faint horizontal wrinkles.
Leaves diagnostic, cup-shaped, forming a 'pocket' at base; upper surface of leaf forms the 'outside' of the pocket; underside velvety.
Figs single or paired, from leaf axils, without stalks; velvety, deep rose or red when ripe.
FIGS somewhat flattened, and grow without stalks in leaf axils, either solitary or in pairs. They are usually about 14 mm in diameter, with a soft, velvety skin.

LEAF POCKET found on all the leaves of the tree without exception, Unlike 'pitcher' leaves, the pocket is formed on the underside of the leaf.
SEASONS - LEAVES thin out in the late February and trees look straggly till mid May. 
FIGS March to June and again after the rains.

Where to See it Vir Bhumi has a large grove of Krishna figs. Individual trees in most large parks such as Lodi Garden and Buddha Jayanti Park.

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