Indian Rubber Tree

Indian Rubber Tree Indian Rubber Tree Indian Rubber Tree Indian Rubber Tree
Name: Indian Rubber Tree
Common Name: Indian Rubber Tree
Botanical Name: Ficus elastica
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(India) rubber tree ? assam rubber ? cautchouc tree no local name ? attach bor (assamese & bengali) A large evergreen strangler fig with thin aerial roots reaching 50 m or more in Assam but only about 14 m in Delhi. Its large, glossy leaves and bright-red leaf-buds are distinctive. Native to moist forests in NE India, it is seen most often in Delhi as a potted plant in various hybrid forms.

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Large: tree; evergreen.
Aerial roots:thick, few, not reaching the ground or becoming prop-roots.
Bark: pale grey, smooth, marked with horizontal dots; exuding milky latex bruised.
Leaves: about 8 cm long, glossy, oval, blunt, thick, leaf-bounds small, about one cm long.
Figs: small, in pairs; yellow-brown when ripe.The Laurel Fig and Its Hybrids - see p 337
FIGS less than one cm in diameter, in axillary pairs. Very pale at first, paperbag-brown when ripe, with a faint, darker aureole around the apex.
SEASONS - LEAVES: evergreen, but new flush visible in March, distinctly pale green against the older, darker leaves. Figs produced in repeated flushes from April through August.
Where to See it: In front of Rashtrapati Bhavan, the scheme spilling over into the forecourts of the Secretariat buildings. Large specimens in some of the bungalows in Rashtrapati Bhavan and on the large roundabout in front of 10 Janpath (Windsor Circle). Stray specimens in large parks like Lodi Garden (a big one near the Sheesh gumbad), but it is - somewhat surprisingly - hardly used elsewhere in Delhi as an avenue tree.

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