Name: Mahua
Common Name: South Indian Mahua
Botanical Name: Madhuca longifolia var. longifolia
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south indian mahua no local name

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Medium-sizes semi-evergreen.
Bark:grey-brown with a hint of yellow.
Leaves: crowded at the ends of branches; 19 cm long; slender, narrowed at both ends edges, wavy; densely hairy at first, becoming smooth.
Flowers: creamish, succulent, fleshy, similar to mahua's.
Fruit: a green berry about 5 cm long; variable in shape; not seen in Delhi
A handsome tree with spreading branches and slender mango-like leaves, from moist forests in SW India and Sri Lanka. it is not well known in N India but in Shanti Vana where it was first planted in Delhi, commands attention with its bronzed new foliage and beautiful form.
Where to See 4 or 5 trees in Shanti Vana and Shaki Sthal; a solitary tree in Mahavir Vanasthali in the C Ridge.

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