Goolar Goolar Goolar Goolar
Name: Goolar
Common Name: Goolar
Botanical Name: Ficus racemosa
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cluster fig ?country/red river/redwood/blue fig ?cattock goolar ? umar ? umri ?trimbal ? lelka ? dimeri ? batbar ? palak ? daduri An attractive fig tree with a crooked trunk and open, spreading crown. This one is not 'strangler' and has no aerial roots. The red, furry figs are distinctive - arranged in short, branching clusters growing from the trunk or main branches. Widely distributed especially near water, the goolar qualifies as a native Delhi tree.


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Middle-sized: tree; deciduous.
Bark: greyish yellow or rusty, with milky sap.
Leaves: 18 cm long, lathery, tapering at both ends; 3 strong veins from base; toothed when young.
Figs: in large clusters from trunk or main branches figs stalked, woolly, reddish when ripe.
FIGS grow in large clusters directly from the trunk or main branches (unlike most other figs which grow in the axils of leafy twigs). Each fig is 2-3 cm wide with a short stalk and is more or less sperical - older figs may be somewhat flattened near their apices. Ripe figs are softly woolly with a strong skein of veins just visible under the translucent skin.

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