Whistling Pine

Whistling Pine
Whistling Pine Whistling Pine Whistling Pine
Name: Whistling Pine
Common Name: Jangli Saru
Botanical Name: Casuarina Equisetifolia
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 A tall pine-like tree with a soft, wispy apprearance that grows up to 20-30m (65-100 ft) in height which is also called as Jangli Saru in Hindi. The leaves are reduced to rings of scales around long, slender, grooved, branches that are somewhat like pine needles. Flowers are unisexual, found on the same or separate trees.  Its flowers are tiny, brown and wind-pollinated. The fruit is a nutlet about ½ inch in diameter that contains winged seeds. The fruits are small, brown, and cone-like.
It is a nitrogen fixing tree and used for erosion control on coastal areas. It is also planted when Artificial Mangrooves are made.
It has a very hard, heavy, dark red-brown wood, hence one of the common names, ironwood. In the past, its wood was used extensively for making house parts, posts, fish hooks, and various other tools and artifacts
Because it is very strong and needs little processing, it is ideal for posts and rough house construction. It is also useful for fencing, piling, and roofing shingles. The rapid growth of the tree and the fine quality fuelwood it produces (it is one of the best firewoods in the world) makes it excellent for use in fuelwood plantations, its main commercial importance today, especially in Asia and Africa.
You can also see them at the shores of Orissa in miles.


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Product Information:

Type: Evergreen Tree, Shade Tree, Tall Height Tree.

Exposure: Full Sun.

Conditions: Humid.

Flowering time: 


Habit: Fast growing.

Foliage: Dense.

Drought Tolerance: High recommendable

Max-Height: 100 ft.

Salt Tolerence : Medium

Crown shape: Round

Leaf arrangement: Alternate

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