Name: Katthal
Common Name: Katthal
Botanical Name: Artocarpus heterophyllus
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Jackfruit ?jack ?jac kathal ?kantthal A handsome evergreen tree with glossy leaves up to 20 m tall ion ideal conditions, stunted in Delhi. Cultivated for its misshapen fruits, the largest edible fruit in the world. Native to humid forests in the W Ghats and adapted to moist conditions, which is why katthal is relatively rare in Delhi.

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Product Information:

Middle-sized tree; evergreen

Bart thick and dark, deeply cracked, flasky

Leaves broad, deep glossy green on top, paler underneath, up to 20 cm long

Flowers male and female separate, on the same tree; male flowers tiny, in clusters emerging from new branchlets; female flowers densely crowded on old branches or directly from the trunk

Fruit gigantic, lumpy, barrel-or pear-shaped; pollinated by small files and beetles attracted by its mawkish smell

Where to See It Not common, 2 or 3 trees in Sundar Nagar, one tree opposite Jamuna Lodge in Qudsia Bagh, Delhi University nursery has a few specimens.

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