Name: Terminalia
Common Name: Terminalia
Botanical Name: Terminalia chebula
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black/chebulic myrobalan hara ? harh ? haradh A squat, crooked tree of deciduous forests in low hilly country, whose spreading canopy can look very pretty in new leaf. Its hard, ribbed fruit was once an important tanning agent but is now mostly just food for deer and giant squirrels. Delhi is hardly ideal harra country and it is rare here.


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Product Information:

Middle-sized tree; deciduous

Bark thick, medium or dark brown with vertical furrows

Leaves up to 20 cm long, white-woolly when young leathery when old; apex blunt to short-pointy, base rounded; 2 glands near top of left stalk. 

Flowers small creamy, clustered in 10-cm long spikes at ends of twigs; stamens long, no petals; smell unpleasant

Fruit pendant, more or less pear-shaped with faint ribs, about 5 cm long; green at first, turning brown and eventually black; nut hard and bony

Where to see it Only 2 specimens in the nursery at Delhi University.

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