Golden Champak

Golden Champak
Golden Champak Golden Champak
Name: Golden Champak
Common Name: Golden Champak
Botanical Name: Michelia champaca
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golden/yellow/orange/fragrant champaka or champak champ ? champak ? champa In its natural home in elevated moist forests in the NE Himalaya and the W Ghats, the golden champak is a majestic tree with a narrow crown, towering up to 35 m. it struggles in Delhi's dry heat and remains stunted. its chief attraction lies in its deliciously fragrant, pale-or deep-yellow flowers.

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Product Information:

Middle-sized: semi-evergreen
Bark: ashy grey; shallowly fissured; prominent lenticels
Leaves: 15-25 cm long, tapering to a point at apex, edges wavy; leaf-buds softly silky, falling off early; mature leaves nearly smooth
Flowers: solitary, 5 cm wide, mostly in leaf axils, segments of flower-cup and petals similar, numbering 15-21, creamy white or deep yellow to orange; highly fragrant
Fruit: in a cluster, waxy and somewhat grape-like; dark brown when mature
Where to See It: Sundar Nursery has 2 young trees in the timber section. 2 more near the department of anthropology and others scattered in Delhi University. The casualty rate is high; it gets easily scorched in Delhi's heat.

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