Lagerstroemia Flos Regina

Lagerstroemia Flos Regina
Lagerstroemia Flos Regina
Name: Lagerstroemia Flos Regina
Common Name: Lagerstroemia Flos Regina
Botanical Name: Lagerstroemia tomentosa
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leza no local name A moderate-size tree with weak, floppy branches and long downy leaves, easily identified by its crinkly petalled flowers as one of the crape myrtles. The flowers are white or the palest pink, produced in May-June at the ends of its branches in pyramidal, branching clusters. 


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Middle-sized: tree; deciduous
Bark: thin, brown, peeling, with faint, vertical fissures
Leaves: up to 35 cm long, rounded at base, tapering gradually to a pointy tip; surface of leaf hairy especially along nerves and undermeath margins slightly wavy; leaf stalk very short
Flowers: about 5 cm wide; 6 petals, spoon shaped, white or pale pink; flower-cup has 12 or more ridges; clusters branched, terminal, the branchlets yellow-mealy
Fruit: a small, ovoid, woody capsule, black when ripe
WHERE TO SEE IT: A prominent row of trees is planted along a waterbody parallel to Rajpath, between Man Singh Road and India Gate. A few trees in the hedgerow of jesus & mary College in Chanakyapuri. Sundar Nursery has a solitary tree.

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