Name: Shareefa
Common Name: Shareefa
Botanical Name: Annona squamosa
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(scaly) custard apple ? sugar apple ? sweetsop shareefa ? seetaphal A small fruit tree from C America whose precise origins are not known. It was brought to S India by the Portuguese in the 16th century and the familiar scaly fruit is now grown here on a large scale. The tree has a light crown with noticeably zigzag branchlets and pale-green flowers.

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Product Information:

Large: shrub or small tree; deciduous
Bark: greyish, not 15cm rough
Leaves: up to 15 cm long, blunt-tipped; dull green on top, pale beneath; aromatic when crushed
Flowers: small, on long, dropping stalks; only 3 outer petals visible, thick and fleshy, yellow-green outside, pale yellow inside
Fruit: compound and segmented, with a thick knobbly skin, greyish or green; flesh inside creamy white, sweet, fragrant.
Where to See it: Common in fruit orchards, small gardens and nurseries. Cultivated in the orchards around Shalimar Bagh in N Delhi. The Qutb compound has a small tree.

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