Jangli Almond

Jangli Almond
Jangli Almond
Name: Jangli Almond
Common Name: Jangli Almond
Botanical Name: Terminalia catappa
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Almond ? sweet/domestic almond bodam A small, bushy tree with toothed leaves and pretty pink flowers, easily mistaken for a peach tree. The almond lives inside the hard stone of its fruit. Cultivated since the Bronze Age, it is thought to originate in the dry region stretching from N iran to the steppes of the former eastern Soviet Republics.

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Product Information:

Small: tree; deciduous
Bark: blakish, rough
Leaves: narrow, finely toothed; folded in the middle to form a V-shaped valley; base tapering, pointy tip
Flowers: pink o pale rose, fading to white; often in pairs appearing before the leaves; 5 petals with pink stamens
Fruit: grey-green, with a downy coat; flash leathery, a hard, pitted stone at the centre, containing the almond
Where to See it: Only a single specimen at Sundar Nursery, but there are likely to be many more in private gardens and orchards.

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