Selection Grass Carpet Rolls (Natural)

Selection Grass Carpet Rolls (Natural)
Selection Grass Carpet Rolls (Natural) Selection Grass Carpet Rolls (Natural) Selection Grass Carpet Rolls (Natural)
Name: Selection Grass Carpet Rolls (Natural)
Common Name: Lawn Grass
Botanical Name: Selection No 1 Variety
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Ordering Instruction. Before Ordering kindly read this to order the grass correctly.


Price : The price is Rs. 10/- per Sqft.  Our Min. Order is for 500 sqft that we accept. Therefore 500 sqft *Rs 10.00/- = Rs 5000


Pot : Kindly Select the Pot as NONE


Qty : The Quantity is mentioned in numbers i.e. 1,2,3,4......50. If you Select 1 that means 500 sqft will be delivered to you and if you select 50 that means 25000 sqft will be delivered to you.


1 = 500 sqft2

2 = 1000 sqft2

3 = 1500 sqft2

4 = 2000 sqft2

5 = 2500 sqft2

6 = 3000 sqft2

7 = 3500 sqft2

8 = 4000 sqft2

9 = 4500 sqft2

10 = 5000 sqft2



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* Pot:
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*Pictures are for your identification purpose.
*Pots are for modelling purpose also.

When it comes to selecting grass for your lawns where there is too much shade, or where there is temperature in negative, then we prefer suggesting to all our client 'Mexican Grass' because of its shade-loving properties. Mexican Variety is comparative little hardy and tough to maintain as compared to Selection No 1 variety of grass. Also Mexican Carpet forms a thick lawn easy to maintain and looks aesthetic, which is why it is highly popular in Hot sun area like Delhi NCR. The previous trend was for Korean and Calcutta grass but these grasses are either used in shade or for customisation and went out of favour. Selection Number 1 needs less care, as it grows very fast with optimal resources. Before planting, insecticide and manure is sprayed to protect the grass from termite and insect attacks.



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