Leca Balls

Leca Balls
Leca Balls Leca Balls Leca Balls Leca Balls
Name: Leca Balls
Common Name: Leca Balls
Botanical Name: Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA)
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LECA is a wonderful and ideal replacement of soil for the garden plant as it is light weight. It does not allow growth of weeds and insects and helps allow aeration in roots. 

Due to thousands of cavities, LECA can deep more water and nutrition than the conventional soil and has better air permeability and water discharge. So, we only need to recharge

water and nutrition one or twice a month for plants and followers.

LECA keeps away from the pollution of conventional soil and is impervious to attack by wet rot and insects. So it makes it easy to manage the plants and followers.

LECA is a super lightweight particle and lets us easy to carry and move the plant and follower containers here and there.

To prevent any pollution by insects or bacteria, we can clean the LECA by water, then boil the LECA one or twice a year in case we do not want to buy new LECA for replacement.


Physical Properties


Appearance : Light Pink rounds

Ph Level : 7:1

Moisture: 2:1

BD: 550gg/it



Standard Packing of 4 Ltrs or 2 Kg.

Call if required packing of 20 Ltrs



12-18 mm



Mix with Soil in Ratio of 5:1 (5 parts soil and 1 part LECA Green Plus) for better results

Keep 1-2 inch on top for an attractive look.


EXP. Date

5 Years From Mfg date.


  • Light Weight Exclusive Clay Aggregate
  • 100% Natural & Long Life Product
  • Save Water & Maintenance Cost
  • Help to Prevent Soil Erosion
  • Looks Attractive


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  • Green Plus is made from 100% Natural Clay


  • Maintains the ground level temperature.


  • Green Plus is Non Toxic Product


  • Green Plus is Environmental Friendly


  • Green Plus has high Water holding capacity and can hold water upto 50%. It can reduce the watering cycle by 3 times.


  • Green Plus is Long LifeProduct and reusable


  • Green Plus retains uniform moisture, It helps the plants keep green, healthy and weed free.

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