Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum
Name: Chrysanthemum
Common Name: Guldaudi
Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum Morifolium
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Chrysanthemum are mostly cultivated commercially for its varied colours, shapes and long keeping quality. They are grouped as large flowers referred as standard and small spray flowers. It offers excellent value as a pot flowerand gives spectaculur mass effect. This type is used as cut flowers (standard varities). loose flower, and for making garland and stylish arrangements (spray varities). A short stemmed flower is best suitable for pots while with the longer ones are used as cut flowers in flower arrangements.

There is a vigourous growth in the month of oct, thereforeregular irrigation and a fortnightly dose of fertilizer is required.Until the flowers are not grown the green plant needs a long day treatment and when its on flowering it requires short day or long dark hours. Temperature between 15-25 degree celcius and less than 12 hours of sunlight will bring good growth of flowers.

Remember Nov-Dec is the period of Full bloom. Try continously removing the dead flowers and keep it as a mother plant.

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Suitable For : Borders, Partitions, Beds, Cut Flowers, Garlands


Sunlight Requirement : Full


Watering Requirement : Hates excess water


Irrigation Requirement : Heavy


Soil : Light to Heavy


Colours : Many


Flowering Month : Nev- Dec


Height of Plant : Tall : 60-90 cms


Planting Distance : 30 x 30 cms


Transplanting Month : July-Sept


Propogation Period : Suckers & Terminal Soft cutting, June - August


Diseases : Sept Month : Aphids Pests and bugs comes : Use Roger 30 EC @ 2-3 ml/ltr

                    Leaf Spot :  Use Dithane M-45 20.2% (fungicide). Spray fortnightly.

                     Hairy Caterpiller : Target Leaves : Kill manually

                     American Ballworm : feeds on Petals : Use Nuvacron 100 (dichlovors) @ 1-2 ml/ltr in water

                     Fungas : Bavistin

                     Insects : Monochorophus 





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