Salvia Salvia Salvia Salvia
Name: Salvia
Common Name: Salvia
Botanical Name: Salvia splendens
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Salvia splendens is a hardy plant, bushy in composition with erect growth and wide range of size. It has dense foliage, broad heart- shaped glossy leaves having pointed ends and white hair underside. The flowers are borne above the foliage on long terminal spikes 15-25cm in length which are thick, tubular and elongated at the tip.

The plant requires protection from frost, therefore must be sown under shady location and protected from the north and west direction. Pinching at an early stage makes the plant compact and bushy. Blooming after 90-100 days gives a gorgeous effect when sown against evergreen plantation. Continuous removal of dead spikes forms fresh branches and flowers. A regular dose of fertilizer is beneficial but an over-dose of nitrogenous fertilizer yields poor results. Seeds are sown in March- April and September- october in the northern hills, while in moderate climate of South they are sown in June Where it is possible to reap a second flush when the plants are cut back.

The striking beaytiful flower are best suited to areas with partial sunlight. Many varieties are available in different size and colour. 


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Raising of Seeding    :      September - October 


Transplanting Month :     October - November 


Planting Distance       :     45cm X 45cm


Height of Plant             :     Tall : 60-90cm


Flowering Month         :     February - April 


Colours                          :    Scarlet, Red, Purple, Pink and shades of blue  


Soil                                  :    Light to Medium 


Sunlight                          :    Full/ Partial Shade 


Irrigation                        :    Normal


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