Dog Flower

Dog Flower
Dog Flower Dog Flower Dog Flower Dog Flower
Dog Flower Dog Flower
Name: Dog Flower
Common Name: Dog Flower
Botanical Name: Snap Dragon
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The Plant is sturdy and the leaves are simple, thin smooth and narrow. The upper leaves are alternate while the lower ones are pods opposite. the long spikes bear flowers in row which are tubular in form and have two conspicuous curiously shaped tips at the top.

Antirrhinum majus is a perennial but treated as annual for batter result. The minute seeds are sown in nursery beds and later transplanted. The height of the plant ranges from dwarf, medium and tall varieties however there are few spreading varieties as well the size of the flower may very according to the variety.

The beautiful flower of Antirrhinum majus  from an impressive fresh flower arrangement. It is cut when the flower is one-third open and has a cut life of 6-7 day. Its artistic shape and size makes it suitable for all styles of floral designs. However, they are used as 'fillers' in large arrangements. The stems with seed pods are dried for using in dry flower arrangements.


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Height  : Medium: 45-60 cm to Tall: 60-90 cm


Reising of Seedling : September - October


Transplanting Month : October - November  


Planting Distance :  45cm X 30cm


Flowering Month  : February - April 


Colours : Crimson, Yellow, Fawn, Purple, Scarlet, Pink, White and mixes colours 


Soild :  Heavy 


Sunlight : Full


Irrigation : Mild 


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