Marigold Marigold Marigold Marigold
Name: Marigold
Common Name: Marigold
Botanical Name: Tagetes patula
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Same as Tagetes erecta except. Tagetes Patula is dwarf eith small flower in different colours. They are essentially bedding marigold. The tall growing varieties are grown for loose flower production. 

When Marigold Ordered Shell Be Delivered In Mix Color’s.
Color’s Strictly as per availability.
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Raising of Seeding    :      June - November 


Transplanting Month :     October - November 


Planting Distance       :     30cm X 15cm


Height of Plant             :     Medium : 30-45cm


Flowering Month         :     October - April 


Colours                          :    Orange, Yellow, Burgundy and mixed shades 


Soil                                  :    Heavy


Sunlight                          :    Full


Irrigation                        :    Normal


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