Cineraria Cineraria Cineraria Cineraria
Cineraria Cineraria Cineraria Cineraria
Name: Cineraria
Common Name: Cineraria
Botanical Name: Senecio Cruentus
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Senecio Cruentus is a medium size bushy annual having large heart- shaped velvety leaves. The flower are compact, daisy-like or star- shaped. They are of brilliant colour and appear in clusters at the top of the branches. They may be marked with a matching or contrasting white centre lending them an attractive look. 

The minute seeds are mixed with equal quantity of sand and then broadcast in the nursery bed. Propagation multiplication is also done by stem cutting and division of old mould and little wood ash in the soil. Seedling are picked when the first leaf appears and later transferred into flower bed at four leaf stages. Shade from strong sunlight and wind is essential for the plant. Cineraria thrives on long winters but also need care from frost. It grow well in shede but three to four  hours of sunshine is essential for the slow growing plant. When the buds start appearing, a mild dose of liquid manure improves the quality of the flowers. It is grown in March- April in the northern hills where a second bloom can be achieved by cutting down the stem to 3-4cm from the surface followed by a top dressing.

Cineraria should be preffered to be sown direct. It grows best in shady locations and is most suited for pot cultivation.


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Raising of Seeding    :      September - October 


Transplanting Month :     October - November 


Planting Distance       :     30cm X 30cm


Height of Plant             :     45cm


Flowering Month         :     February - March 


Colours                          :    White, Blue, Purple, Pink, Lavender asd Scarlet. 


Soil                                  :    Medium 


Sunlight                          :    Full/ Partial 


Irrigation                        :    Normal


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