Gerbera Gerbera Gerbera Gerbera
Gerbera Gerbera Gerbera Gerbera
Name: Gerbera
Common Name: Gerbera
Botanical Name: Gerbera Jamesoni
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Gerbera Jamesoni has a small stem with board leaves which are narrow towards the base and board at the tip with deeply cut edges. The flower head consists of a long ray and disc florets. The petals are long, narrow, compactly arranged and surround the inner dark circle. The flower can be single or double.

The plant is a herbaceous perennial which grows in clumps. The roots of Gerbera go very deep into the soil, therefore raised soil beds about 12-15cm are prepared by deep digging up to 30cm. In  September, the large clumps are divided into small clumps and planted. In February, the clump from the mother plant gives rise to 5-6 plants. Keeping the main shoot intact, trim the root and leaves of the suckers and bury the main shoot in such a way that the main shoot does not get covered by the soil. The hot summer is harmful to Gerbera so it needs to be protected from direct sunlight using nets or the plant can be grow under the partial shade of tree in the vicinity.

Freshly harvested seeds should be sown in beds and planted in 4 inches size pots till they reach 1-2 inches in size. The pots are maintained under shade till their final transplanting in beds during September- October. Transplanting is done when the seeding attain a height of 4-5 inches 

It is a popular, attractive and ideal cut flower having a cut life of 6-8 days. 


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Propagation                 :      September - October  ( February- March) 


Transplanting Month :     October - November 


Planting Distance       :     40cm X 30cm


Height of Plant             :     Medium : 30-45cm


Flowering Month         :     Almost round of year  


Colours                          :    Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Lilac. 


Soil                                  :    Medium


Sunlight                          :    Partial Shade


Irrigation                        :    Normal


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