Vinca Vinca Vinca Vinca
Vinca Vinca Vinca Vinca
Name: Vinca
Common Name: Sada Bahar
Botanical Name: Vinca rosea
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Vinca is thinly branched and bushy at the top. Top dark green leave are small, smooth, polished, oblong, and rounded at the point. They are shining in appearance and distinctly veined. The five petals are connected to a thin tube and flower are with or without a reddish eye in the centre.

The plant is a herbaceous perennial treated as an annual. It can be easily propagated sowing of seeds or cutting at any time of the year in any kind of soil and can withstand both warm and drought climatic conditions. Extreme winter affect the flowering but once established the plant flower throughout the year. Rich soil and good irrigation makes the plant bushy with good yield of flowering.  The plant must be cut back / headed back every four-six months and replaced every two year. It is rarely attacked by any pest and diseases.

The leaves are considered good for diabetic people. 


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Raising of Seeding    :      February - April  


Transplanting Month :     July -August 


Planting Distance       :     30cm X 30cm


Height of Plant             :     Intermediate : 30-45cm


Flowering Month         :    March - October 


Colours                          :    Purple, White.


Soil                                  :    Light to heavy


Sunlight                          :    Full / Partial


Irrigation                        :    Mild


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