Calliandra Calliandra Calliandra
Name: Calliandra
Common Name: Calliandra
Botanical Name: Calliandra haematocephala
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This large, multiple trunked, low-branching, evergreen shrub has silky leaflets which are glossy copper when new, turning to a dark metallic green. The profuse, fragrant bloom is the main reason for its popularity, with big puffs, two to three inches across, of watermelon pink, deep red, or white silky stamens, produced during warm months.


With rapid growth in sandy soils and full sun, Powderpuff bush will respond favorably to regular watering while young but should require no special care once established except an occasional pruning to keep it within bounds. Powderpuff bush may be used as a tall (five to six-foot) flowering hedge and is often seen as a small, flowering specimen tree with the lower branches pruned off. Powderpuff can grow to about 15 feet tall when pruned into a small tree. The long, arching branches form an attractive canopy suitable for patio or container plantings. Pinching the new growth increases branch number and produces more flowers on a more compact plant.


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Product Information:

Type: Shrubs

Exposure: Full Sun

Flowering time: .Early Spring, Spring, Late Spring, Late Fall.

Fragrant: Yes

Foliage:  Even-Pinnately Compound

Drought Tolerance: High

Max-Height: 12 to 15 feet

Salt Tolerence : Unknown

Crown shape: Round

Leaf arrangement: Alternate 

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