Heliconia rostrata

Heliconia rostrata
Heliconia rostrata Heliconia rostrata Heliconia rostrata Heliconia rostrata
Name: Heliconia rostrata
Common Name: Heliconia rostrata
Botanical Name: Lobster-claws
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Lobster claw is an herbaceous perennial with leathery, dark green leaves which are borne on long petioles arising directly from the ground .  It has 3- to 5-feet-tall stems terminated by a drooping inflorescence. The flowers hang in showy clusters that emerge from second year stalks. They are enclosed by scarlet and yellow colored bracts that are 6 to 8 inches long. This unique plant is used as a specimen for tropical gardens. The inflorescence may be cut for indoor decoration where they last for several weeks.

Use and Management

Lobster claw will prosper in locations that receive full or partial sun. It grows and flowers best in fertile, moist soil. Fertilize this plant regularly during the growing season.

Propagation is by division of the matted clumps.


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Type: Herbaceous
Exposure: Part Sun
Conditions: ---
Flowering Time: Spring Flowering; Summer Flowering
Fragrant: No
Habit: Upright
Foliage: Simple
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Salt Tolerance: Moderate
Light: Part Sun
Temperature: ---
Sensitive to: ---
Watering: Average Water
Repotting: Repot as needed.
Problems: ---
Maximum Height:  2 to 15 feet


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