Mango grafted

Mango grafted
Mango grafted Mango grafted Mango grafted Mango grafted
Name: Mango grafted
Common Name: Mango grafted
Botanical Name: Magnifera indica
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An abundant harvest of juicy, red-gold fruit and attractive dark green, tropical foliage make Mango a popular home landscape item in very large yards for warm climates. The trees grows to be 30 to 45 feet tall and almost 50 feet wide, so allow plenty of room for growth. New foliage is a brilliant purple-red, and flower and fruit clusters extend well beyond the long, glossy leaves. The tree is covered with very showy, white flower spikes in March and early April. Mango trees grow quickly into round, multibranched, dense, spreading shade trees but placement is limited due to the falling fruit. Some people are allergic to the pollen, the sap and even the fruit.

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Product Information:

Type: Fruit Tree, Outdoor Plant; shade tree; residential tree.
Exposure: Full sun
Conditions: Semi- Hard.
Flowering time: Feb - March.
Fragrant: Yes.
Habit: Medium Growing.
Foliage: Dense.
Drought Tolerance: Medium.
Salt Tolerance: Low.
Light: Full Sun Light.
Sensitive to: Frost as young trees will be killed outright by the mildest frosts, but larger mature trees can regenerate, although defoliation and death of some branches will occur. Heavy frosts will kill large mango trees.
Watering: Although mangos are able to withstand periodic drought, it is best to water the trees during the dryer months. Watering mango trees when the flowers and fruit are on the tree will improve the fruit set and size of the fruit at harvest.
Repotting: When the plant demand for a bigger pot.
Problems: fruit spotting bugs, seed caterpillars, plant hoppers, flower-feeding caterpillars are some of the pests that one should take care of. Local pesticides can be used for them to get rid of them.
Max-Height: 30 ft.

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