Coleus Coleus Coleus
Name: Coleus
Common Name: Coleus
Botanical Name: Coleus x hybridus
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Although coleus does flower but it is grown for its brightly beautiful colored leaves. The plant grows in sun to partial shade and requires a lot of water. Coleus reaches 20 to 24 inches tall but trailing types can be used in hanging pots. Pinch young plants or older, leggy plants to encourage branching for a fuller plant. Coleus may be used as a potted plant indoors in a sunny window or outdoors in part sun. They are sometimes planted en mass on 12 to 18 inch centers to add a splash of bright color to any landscape. A mass planting looks nice with a backdrop of green shrubs. Remove flower spikes as they appear to encourage more foliage growth. Cold wet soils and poor cultural practices can result in leaf drop.

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Type: Annual
Exposure: Part Sun
Conditions: Moderate
Flowering Time: Inconspicuous and not showy
Fragrant: Not Known
Habit: Round
Foliage: Dense
Drought Tolerance: Not known
Salt Tolerance: grows in all kind of soil
Light:  Part Sun
Temperature: 21 to 30 Degrees Celcius.
Sensitive to: Direct Sunlight & Frost.
Watering: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater
Repotting: Repot as needed.
Problems: Coleus are highly resistant to serious disease or insect problems when grown. Mites cause the leaves to be puckered and distorted. outdoors Keep them in properly prepared beds or containers. Some pests to watch for include mealy bug, aphids and whiteflies. Some disease problems to watch for include stem rot and root rot.
Maximum Height: 1 to 3 feet                                                                               Uses : Mass Planting; container or above-ground planter; edging; accent  



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