Kinnow Kinnow Kinnow
Name: Kinnow
Common Name: Kinnow
Botanical Name: Kinnow
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"Fruit medium in size, moderately to slightly oblate; both base and apex flattened or slightly depressed.  Rind thin, rather adherent for a mandarin but peelable, tough and leathery; surface very smooth and glossy, sometimes faintly pitted; color yellowish-orange at maturity.  Segments 9 to 10, firm, separating fairly easily; axis solid to semi-hollow.  Flesh color deep yellowish-orange; very juicy; flavor rich, aromatic, and distinctive.  Seeds numerous, polyembryonic, and cotyledons pale greenish-yellow.  Midseason in maturity (about like Dancy).  Fruit holds well on tree with little puffing.

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