Billbergia Billbergia Billbergia Billbergia
Name: Billbergia
Common Name: Billbergia
Botanical Name: Billbergia
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Queen's tears is a clump forming, epiphyte to semi-epiphyte with narrow, pendent, unusually colored flowers. The tubular blooms have reflexed green petals with narrow bands of purplish blue around their edges and are supported by showy reddish pink bracts. The plant resembles a fountain-shaped grass until the short red flower stalks and blooms appear.


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Product Information:

Type: Evergreen Tree, Shade Tree, Low Height Tree.

Exposure: Full Sun.

Conditions: Hardy, Arid, Hot Climate.

Flowering time: Sept-Oct.

Fragrant: Yes

Habit: Fast growing.

Foliage: Dense.

Drought Tolerance: High recommendable

Max-Height: 100 ft.

Salt Tolerence : Medium

Crown shape: Round

Leaf arrangement: Alternate

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