Bamboo grass

Bamboo grass
Bamboo grass Bamboo grass Bamboo grass
Name: Bamboo grass
Common Name: Bamboo grass
Botanical Name: Bambusoideae
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Bamboo is a large perennial grass that has been used as an ornamental plant for many years. There are several different species of bamboo that range in size from 1 to 70 feet tall, but only one species, known as cane or canebreak bamboo, is native to the US. Generally speaking, this native bamboo is not extremely “weedy” and is relatively easy to manage. However, there are scores of imported bamboos that are highly invasive and exceedingly difficult to contain. These invasive varieties have large underground rhizomes that store energy for the plant. In order to control these varieties, the entire rhizome network must be exhausted and killed. This makes management of bamboo intensive and difficult.

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Type:  Grass
Exposure:  Full Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade
Conditions: ----
Flowering Time: Variable, Infrequent
Fragrant:  No
Habit:  Clump-Forming
Foliage:  Medium
Drought Tolerance: 
Salt Tolerance: Poor
Light:  Full Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade
Temperature: 5-25 C
Sensitive to: ----
Watering:  Average Water
Repotting:  Repot as needed.
Problems:  The roots of this bamboo have grown under the sidewalk and sprouted on the other side. Once this happens it is very difficult to handle.
Maximum Height:  15'-25' / 4.6m - 7.6m


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