Jacaranda Jacaranda Jacaranda Jacaranda
Name: Jacaranda
Common Name: Jacaranda
Botanical Name: Jacaranda mimosifolia
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Soft, delicate, fernlike, deciduous foliage and dense terminal clusters of lavender-blue, lightly fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers make this large, spreading tree an outstanding specimen planting. The striking blooms can appear any time from April through August (most often May), and are sometimes present before the fresh, new, light green leaves appear in spring. Flowering is reportedly best following a winter with several nights in the upper 30's. Jacaranda may flower best when grown in poor soil. Jacarandas can reach 25 to 40 feet in height with an equal or greater spread, and the bent or arching trunks are covered with light grey bark.

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Height: 25 to 40 feet
Spread: 45 to 60 feet
Crown uniformity: irregular
Crown shape: vase, spreading
Crown density: open
Growth rate: fast
Texture: fine


Leaf arrangement: alternate
Leaf type: bipinnately compound, odd-pinnately compound
Leaf margin: entire
Leaf shape: obovate, rhomboid
Leaf venation: unknown
Leaf type and persistence: deciduous
Leaf blade length: less than 2 inches
Leaf color: green
Fall color: no color change
Fall characteristic: not showy


Flower color: lavender, purple
Flower characteristics: very showy


Fruit shape: round, pod or pod-like
Fruit length: 1 to 3 inches
Fruit covering: dry or hard
Fruit color: brown
Fruit characteristics: does not attract wildlife; not showy; fruit/leaves a litter problem

Trunk and Branches

Trunk/bark/branches: branches droop; showy; typically one trunk; thorns
Pruning requirement: needed for strong structure
Breakage: susceptible to breakage
Current year twig color: gray, brown
Current year twig thickness: thick
Wood specific gravity: unknown


Light requirement: full sun
Soil tolerances: sand; loam; clay; slightly alkaline; acidic; well-drained
Drought tolerance: high
Aerosol salt tolerance: none
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