Traveler's Palm

Traveler's Palm
Traveler's Palm Traveler's Palm Traveler's Palm Traveler's Palm
Name: Traveler's Palm
Common Name: Traveler's Palm
Botanical Name: Ravenala madagascariensis
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Raveler's tree is ideal for creating an exotic, tropical effect with its very large, banana-like leaves, each up to nine feet long and held in fan-shaped formation, and the unusual, small, white flowers which are held erect in canoe-shaped bracts. Leaves are usually seen tattered and torn from exposure to the wind. Traveler's tree will reach a height of 30 feet and a spread of 18 feet, growing at a moderate rate. It makes a nice tropical accent in a large landscape, growing too large for most modest-sized yards. The common name is derived from the fact that weary travelers would quench their thirst on the rainwater collected in the enlarged sheaths at the base of the leaves.

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Type: Tender Perennial
Exposure: Full Sun 
Conditions: ---
Flowering Time: Early Summer, Summer, Late Summer
Fragrant: No
Habit: Arching / Fountain-shaped
Foliage: Bold
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Salt Tolerance: None
Light: Full Sun
Temperature: ---
Sensitive to: ---
Watering: Average Water
Repotting: Repot as needed.
Problems: Problems (major): Intolerant of cold temperatures (40 degrees F and below) Problems (minor): Strong winds for taller specimens, leaf spots, difficult to transplant
Maximum Height: 30-40 Ft.


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