Zinnia Zinnia Zinnia
Name: Zinnia
Common Name: Zinnia
Botanical Name: Zinnia Elegans
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Zinnia is erect in habit and neat in outlook having few branches. The rough Leaves are simple and oblong with rounded tips. The beautiful flower heads are round in form and are borne at the top of the branches. they consist of disc and ray florets which are flat quelled and ruffled. The flowers are single, semi-double and double.

There are numerous vigorously growing, easy to cultivate, dwarf to tall varieties. Zinnia can be grown throughout the year under favourable conditions. In South India these can be grown in the months of April, September and January while in north India hills the seeds are sown in March-April. In the Plains of North India, best results are seen when sown in rich soil at sunny locations during the summer seasons. After 40-50 days of sowing when the flower buds start appearing, pinching must be done to make the plant bushy and to avoid formation of inferior quality flowers. A top dressing at bud formation stage produces quality flowers. The top heavy plants may also require staking.

Pompom-Shaped Flowers of Zinnia extensively form an integral part in floral designs. The stem needs a long drink prior to fixing in arrangements. Zinnia's mass effect is graceful.

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Raising of Seedling : June -July


Transplanting Month : July - Aug


Planting Distance : 45 cms x 45 cms or 60 cms x 60 cms


Height of Plant: Dwarf : Below 30 cms to Tall : 30-90 cms


Flowering Month : August - September


Colours : White, Yellow,  Crimson, Red, Orange, Salmon, Mauve and Purple.

Plz Note : (Colours are strictly as per availability at Nursery. Though we ask customers about the colour choice and if available we deliver the desired colour. In case the desired colour is not available then we will deliver the best colour option with us.)


Soil : Medium


Sunlight : Full


Irrigation : Heavy


Suitable For : Beds Borders, pots and as Cut flowers.

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