Portulaca Portulaca Portulaca Portulaca
Name: Portulaca
Common Name: Portulaca
Botanical Name: Portulaca Grandiflora
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Portulaca Grandiflora has round and short fleshy stems bearing cup-shaped single or double flowers. The leaves are cylindrical, thick, Fleshy and Pointed. The Plant is Pretty, Low Growing, Hardy with Creeping Habits and requires less Propagation care. It is Easy to grow and requires moist sandy soil. Dryness and Dampness are injurious to this plant. The very minute seeds are mixed with sand for a uniform spread and sown in nursery beds or Flower beds. It takes 8-10 days for the seeds to germinate and flowering takes places in 90-110 days.

The Flower opens in the morning under full sunshine and closes by afternoon or immediately when kept under shade. It flourishes best in summers and rainy seasons and can grow throughout the year in a moderate climate but cannot withstand extreme cold. 

The Plant is admired for its mass effect in lawns.


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Raising of Seedling : March-Apr


Transplanting Month : April- May


Planting Distance : 15 cms x 15 cms


Height of Plant: Dwarf : 15-20 cms


Flowering Month : May-Sept


Colours : Orange, Purple, Red, Pink Yellow and White

Plz Note : (Colours are strictly as per availability at Nursery. Though we ask customers about the colour choice and if available we deliver the desired colour. In case the desired colour is not available then we will deliver the best colour option with us.)


Soil :  Light


Sunlight : Full


Irrigation : Normal


Suitable For : Sunny Spots, Edging, Hanging Baskets, Shallow Pots, Carpet Beddings and Ground Covers

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