Cosmos Cosmos Cosmos Cosmos
Name: Cosmos
Common Name: Cosmos
Botanical Name: Cosmos Sulphureus
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Cosmos is Tall in Height having well-branched wiry stems. The Leaves are long , thin, feathery and deeply cut. The Central Petals forms a tuft-like cluster of the flower head while broad and long ray florets remain in the background.

Cosmos is a hardy and a very robust plant which can be grown throughout the year in adverse, warm and humid conditions.  Direct Sowing Yield better results. A heavy dose of manure causes the growth of foliage but curtails the growth of the flowers. Flower starts appearing within 50-60 days. Cosmos is Economical to grow and easy to maintain. The flower has a cut life of 4-5 days and can be used in tall arrangements.

Cosmos is a popular annual as it is easy to propagate and gives a good mass effect.


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Raising of Seedling : Feb-March


Transplanting Month : April- May


Planting Distance : 25 cms x45 cms


Height of Plant: Tall 60-90 cms


Flowering Month : May-June


Colours : Orange, Yellow, Brick Red

Plz Note : (Colours are strictly as per availability at Nursery. Though we ask customers about the colour choice and if available we deliver the desired colour. In case the desired colour is not available then we will deliver the best colour option with us.)


Soil :  Medium


Sunlight : Full


Irrigation : Heavy


Suitable For : Beddings and Borders

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