Cockscomb Cockscomb Cockscomb Cockscomb
Name: Cockscomb
Common Name: Cockscomb
Botanical Name: Celosia argentea var. Cristata
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The Plant is very hardy with a long stem. The variety texture bears feathery flowers heads formed above the foliage which resembles cockscomb from which the name is derived.

A very popular seasonal of summer, it forms a spectacular appearance. The seedling is transplanted quite young to avoid transplantation shock. The plant takes 90 days to flower and thereafter has a long flowering period. During the rainy season, the plant is often attacked by fungal diseases and pests. It is advisable to keep only good quality flower heads and uproot the others. A dose of Liquid manure is effective. When sown in pots, transfer only those plants which develop bigger flower heads for a better outlook.

It is a nice cut flower as it survives for 5 - 7 days and can also be preserved as dried flower as it retains its colour for a long period.


A Popular and pretty rainy seasonal flower. 


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Raising of Seedling :Mar-Apr


Transplanting Month : May-June


Planting Distance : 30 cm x 30 cm


Height of Plant: Tall : 45-60 cm


Flowering Month : Aug-Oct


Colours : Crimson, red, yellow, Maroon, Purple 


Soil :  Medium


Sunlight : Full


Irrigation : Normal


Suitable For : Beddings, pots and as cut flowers,borders, hedges, dried flowers

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