Chamaerops Humilis

Chamaerops Humilis
Chamaerops Humilis Chamaerops Humilis Chamaerops Humilis Chamaerops Humilis
Name: Chamaerops Humilis
Common Name: Dwarf Fan Palm
Botanical Name: Chamaerops humilis
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This small, multi-stemmed, hardy palm is the only one native to Europe, and is hardier than most palms. The curved, clumping, short trunks and gray-green, fan-shaped leaves, borne thickly in a bushy head, make a stunning sculptural element in a garden or patio containers. The fine-textured fronds make the palm stand out from other plants in the landscape. Leaf color on individual plants ranges from light green through silver. Although growth rate is slow, it is well worth the wait since even small plants will stand out nicely in almost any landscape.

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Type: Palm
Exposure: Full Sun
Conditions: --
Flowering Time: Spring, Late Spring, Early Summer, Summer
Fragrant: No
Habit: Clump-Forming
Foliage: Coarse
Drought Tolerance: High
Salt Tolerance: Poor
Light: Full Sun
Temperature: 13-16 C
Sensitive to: --
Drought Tolerant
Repotting: Repot as needed.
Problems: Chamaerops
humilis is not effected by pests and there are no plant diseases that affect these palms.
Maximum Height: 6'-20' / 1.8m - 6.1m


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