Juniper Christmas Tree

Juniper Christmas Tree
Juniper Christmas Tree Juniper Christmas Tree Juniper Christmas Tree
Name: Juniper Christmas Tree
Common Name: Chinese Juniper
Botanical Name: Juniperus Chinensis
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 Juniper Chinensis grows into a narrow cone or columnar shape.The tree remains thick as if it had been sheared. It may grow to 20 feet tall in 15 years. A row of  Juniper will produce a fairly uniform shape making it a great screen. Planted on four to six-foot centers, it can develop into a thick screen which could be useful along a driveway, where a narrow, bright green screen is often needed to create privacy.

Growing best in full sun, more open in partial shade, Chinese Juniper needs well-drained soil or it will decline from root rot. It tolerates alkaline soil and is quite drought-tolerant but root regeneration is slow after transplanting from a field nursery. It is frequently offered in containers from a nursery and also used as Christmas Tree.

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Type: Ornamental Tree, Conifer, Christmas Tree
Exposure: Full Sun
Conditions: Hardy
Flowering time: March
Fragrant: No
Habit: Moderate Growth
Foliage: Dense, Pricky
Drought Tolerance: High
Salt Tolerance: High
Light: tree grows in part shade/part sun; tree grows in full sun
Temperature: 12-47°C
Sensitive to: Stagnant Water
Max Height: 60 ft.
Watering: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater
Repotting: As necessary, probably after every 2 years or when pot seems small , into a larger pot.
Problems: Do not water on foliage. Bald patches may occur.

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