Banana Banana Banana Banana
Banana Banana
Name: Banana
Common Name: Kela
Botanical Name: Musa Spp.
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Large, fleshy, upright stalks topped with soft, Smooth, arching leaves signifies the Banana plant. Ranging from six feet for the dwarf species to over 30 feet for the largest types, Banana trees are guaranteed to lend a tropical flavor to any landscape setting. The broad, tender leaves are easily torn by Winds and plants should be located in a sheltered area to prevent this.

The easily-grown Banana tree is ideal for planters near the pool, located around garden Ponds, or clustered together for an exotic effect. The Unusual reddish-purple flowers are followed by clusters of upwardly-pointing green fruit, maturing to a beautiful yellow. Growing best on fertile, moist soil, Bananas will thrive in full sun or partial shade and should be protected from both wind and cold.

Plants respond well to regular fertilization. Too many suckers should not be allowed to develop since this will decrease the ability of any one plant to produce a good bunch of fruit. By allowing suckers to develop only at periodic intervals, a succession of fruiting can be obtained. Banana bunches should be harvested when the fruit is still green and allowed to ripen in a cool, dark place.

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Product Information:

Type: Evergreen Tree, Shade Tree, Low Height Tree, Fruit Tree

Exposure: Part Shade to Part Sun or Full Sun 

Conditions: Hardy, Arid, Hot Climate.

Flowering time: Apr- May

Fragrant: Yes

Habit: Fast growing.

Foliage: Dense.

Drought Tolerance: Medium

Max-Height: 30 ft.

Salt Tolerence : Poor

Crown shape: Palm, Upright

Leaf arrangement: Spiral

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