Alstonia Scholaris

Alstonia Scholaris
Alstonia Scholaris Alstonia Scholaris
Name: Alstonia Scholaris
Common Name: Blackboard tree, Indian devil tree
Botanical Name: Alstonia Scholaris
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Alstonia Scholaris is a glabrous evergreen tropical tree native to Indian subcontinent. The tree shows a recorded growth from 50 to 80 feet high, has a furrowed grayish trunk, oblong stalked leaves up to 6 inches long and 4 inches wide, dispersed in 4 to 6 whorls round the stem, their upper side glossy, under side white, nerves running at right angles to the mid-rib. The bark is almost odourless and very bitter. The bark is used in homoeopathy for its tonic bitter and astringent properties; it is particularly useful for chronic diarrhoea and dysentry. In India the natives use the bark for bowel complaints.

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