Bottle Palm

Bottle Palm
Bottle Palm Bottle Palm Bottle Palm
Name: Bottle Palm
Common Name: Royal Palm
Botanical Name: Roystonea Regia
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Notably popular as street or specimen trees, Royal Palms make a neat, tidy, yet stately landscape element for large landscapes, often reaching 50 to 100 feet in height in almost as many years. The tall, smooth, cement grey trunks are capped with a glossy, green crown shaft several feet high and a beautiful, broad, dense crown of soft, gently drooping, feathery fronds. Flowers are incredibly fragrant, even from 50 feet away and are produced periodically throughout the year but mostly in summer. The old fronds should be removed before they drop since they can cause injury or damage to plants or property when allowed to fall. One frond will fall about every month. This palm can be used in large parking lot islands, wide tree lawns, medium-sized parking lot islands, medium-sized tree lawns; recommended for buffer strips around parking lots or for median strip plantings in the highway; narrow tree lawns; specimen; sidewalk cutout (tree pit); residential street tree. This palm is highly recommended for coastal area as due to its moderate salt tolerance and their ability of withstanding strong winds very well, but some foliage injury will be evident on Royal Palm located next to the ocean.

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Type: Palm, Outdoor Palm, specimen; residential street tree avenue, driveway border planting.
Exposure: Full Sun to partial shade
Conditions: Semi hard
Flowering Time: Spring Flowering , Yellow, Pleasant Fragrance; showy. 
Medium Growing 
Foliage: Fronds of symmetrical canopy of lanceolate type of leaves
Drought Tolerance: Moderate
Salt tolerance: Moderate
Light: Tree grows in full sun
Temperature: 7-50 ° C
Sensitive to: Royal Palms are sensitive to extreme cold weather. 
Plant Bottle Palms in sunny locations that receive regular waterings. The plant should be fertilized in the spring, summer and fall for best results.
Repotting: This is a problem free palm. Only repot when this palm is completely pot bound. Palms often have shallow root systems, and they don't appreciate being disturbed. Large Palms can be placed in 20-24 inch pot. 
Over watering of royal palm can make the fronds collapse and result in death of a plant. Field grown trees go into shock transplant shock to another location and needs some time to re-acclimate.
Max.Height: 50 to 80 feet


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