Cane Palm

Cane Palm
Cane Palm Cane Palm Cane Palm
Name: Cane Palm
Common Name: Bamboo Palm
Botanical Name: Chamaedorea elegans
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Cane Palm is native to Mexico and Guatemala, and is one of the best used indoor palm after Areca Palm. Tolerating crowded roots and low light levels is its USP. Since lower leaves drop from the plant as it grows, older palms have all their foliage on top of the bright green, shiny stem. It grows 5 to 8 feet tall but is usually kept smaller by pruning the stem back nearly to the ground. Growing very slowly, this pale green, single-stemmed palm is most effective when potted three or more to a container. It can also be an effective accent plant in a ground-hugging ground cover in a small scale garden. While excellent when used as indoor plant, Cane Palm can also be used outdoors in a shady understory setting as an accent. The showy stems are bright green. Best growth occurs in shaded locations away from direct sunlight. No diseases are of major concern.

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Type : Palm, Indoor Plant, clusterous border; accent, 
Exposure:  shade loving
Conditions: indoor Conditions
Flowering Time: Red & Black Flower, showy
Habit: slow Growing
Foliage: open, dropping palm leaves.
Drought Tolerance: moderate
Salt tolerance: poor
Light: plant grows in the shade
Temperature: 12-50 °C
Sensitive to: Over Watering, direct sunlight
Watering: Average Parlor Palm prefers areas with high humidity. The soil around a CanePalm should be evenly moist. Water freely during the growing season but reduce the frequency of watering during the winter. Make sure that the soil remains moist but well drained. Brown leaf tips are a common problem with Cane Palm and are usually indicative of excessive soil watering or a lack of humidity.
Repotting: This is a problem free palm. Only repot when this palm is completely pot bound. Palms often have shallow root systems, and they don't appreciate being disturbed.
Problems: Plants that are sitting in saucers full of water or are plants overwatered and never allowing the soil to dry, lead to root rot. Leaf tips and fronds turn yellow, leaves may drop, and new growth will come out pale yellow. Underwatered plants will often have brown tips, new growth will be pale and older fronds may yellow.
Max.Height: 4 to 8 ft

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