Queen Sago

Queen Sago
Queen Sago Queen Sago Queen Sago
Name: Queen Sago
Common Name: Queen Sago
Botanical Name: Cycas circinalis
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The palm-like Queen Sago has a short, dark brown, unbranching trunk topped with graceful, arching, medium green, feathery leaves, six to eight feet long. Although slow-growing, Queen Sago is much prized for its light-textured tropical effect and easy care and makes an excellent lawn specimen or container plant for large areas. It is usually located as a specimen where it can be viewed from all sides but could be mass planted on 8 to 19 foot centers on a large scale industrial or commercial landscape. Many people plant it too close to a building, window or walkway and, unfortunately, need to remove leaves to allow for clearance. When given sufficient room to spread, Queen Sago performs very well in shade or full sun and needs only occasional watering once established. It is too large for many small landscapes. King sago would be a good substitute in a small residential landscape.


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Type: Palm, Outdoor Palm, specimen.
Exposure: Partial Sun/ Partial Shade
Conditions: Semi-Hard
Flowering Time: no flower
Habit: slow growing
Foliage: Pinnate, Gray green leaves, upright, bending at the end
Drought Tolerance: high
Salt tolerance: poor
Light: plant grows in part shade/part sun
Temperature: 0-50 °C
Sensitive to: frost and extreme Cold temperature.
Watering: Twice weekly. Drench the soil and let it become moderately dry between waterings. Never let the palm sit in water.
Repotting: If this palm is to be grown in a confined space for a long time, don’t repot too often as restricting its growth will keep it in scale with its surroundings. Only repot when the plant is pot bound. If growth is rapid and conditions are good, repot regularly, especially at the beginning of a new growing period.
Problems: Almost problem free palm in ground. Over-irrigation and rainy weather could initiate root rot. In containers, too much water causes root rot.
Max.Height: 6 to 15 feet

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