Triangle Palm

Triangle Palm
Triangle Palm Triangle Palm Triangle Palm
Name: Triangle Palm
Common Name: Triangle Palm
Botanical Name: Neodypsis decaryi
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The exotic Triangle Palm Tree is native to South African Island of Madagascar and that is why it is also called Madagascar palm. The Triangle Palm Tree is named because of the irregular trunk shaped like a triangle. The Triangle Palm Tree is a recent palm brought into the United Stated and is a good container plant grown or it can grow to 25 feet in the ground. The feather-like leaves of the Triangle Palm are 15 feet in length and grow upwards at a 45° angle and arch downward slightly. The Triangle Palm grows best in sandy soil, full sun and needs regular watering. The triangle shape of the leaf bases makes the triangle palm trees from the island of Madagascar, a popular palm tree in the nursery trade. The Madagascar palm thrives in full sun and is cold hardy to below freezing temperatures. The Triangle palm will turn heads to attention when grown and planted at outside restaurants and cafes in containers. The Triangle palm is one of the most bizarrely formed plants ever grown and offered to buy at a nursery, because of the oddly shaped trunk and red clusters of cells on the underside of the blue-green leaves. The dark brown trunk with contrasting glowing, gray leaf scars are exotic in any office container planting.

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Type: Palm, Outdoor Palm, and specimen.
Exposure: full sun to partial shade
Conditions: Semi-Hard
Flowering Time: The triangle palm produces yellow to green flowers borne on a branched inflorescense. It also produces round black fruit about one inch in diameter.
Habit: Moderate to Fast growing
Foliage: Pinnate, Gray green leaves, upright, bending at the end
Drought Tolerance: high
Salt tolerance: moderate
Light: tree grows in full sun, Sun to Partial Shade
Temperature: 0-70 °C
Sensitive to: During cold temperatures it should be kept as dry as possible.
Watering: Twice weekly. Drench the soil and let it become moderately dry between waterings. Never let the palm sit in water. Put the plant somewhere free from drafts and ensure that it has good drainage.
Repotting: If this palm is to be grown in a confined space for a long time, don’t repot too often as restricting its growth will keep it in scale with its surroundings. Only repot when the plant is pot bound. If growth is rapid and conditions are good, repot regularly, especially at the beginning of a new growing period.
Problems: Almost problem free palm in ground. Over-irrigation and rainy weather could initiate root rot. In containers, too much water causes root rot.
Max.Height: 20-25 ft


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