Cycas Palm

Cycas Palm
Cycas Palm Cycas Palm Cycas Palm Cycas Palm
Name: Cycas Palm
Common Name: Sago Palm
Botanical Name: Cycas Revoluta
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This exotic palm is extremely slow growing with stout and pineapple shape stem which projects feathery evergreen fronds of pinnate to 3ft. The plant will usually produce one of these a year. Its mature height is around 6ft. and it will last 50 or 60 years. Cycas likes bright, indirect sunlight, thrives in normal room temperature and doesn’t need much humidity. Mature plant benefit from a spell outdoors in summer if conditions are warm even so it will not flower.

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Type: Indoor Plant, Exotic Palm
Exposure: Full Sun to Particle Shade
Conditions: Very Hard
Flowering Time: Not Showy
Fragrant: No
Habit: Very Slow Growing
Foliage: Terminal Crown of stiff leathery leaves
Drought Tolerance: High 
Salt Tolerance: High
Light: Strong but Indirect light 
Min Temp. Possible: 1°C
Sensitive to: Over watering
Watering: moderately all year, enough to keep the compost moist but never let it dry out or become soggy. 
Repotting: Every 2 - 3 year in spring or autumn in a mixture of soil, peat and sand. 
Problems: Virtually Problem Free 
Maximum Height: 10 ft.

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