Zamia Palm

Zamia Palm
Zamia Palm Zamia Palm Zamia Palm Zamia Palm
Zamia Palm
Name: Zamia Palm
Common Name: Cardboard Palm
Botanical Name: Zamia Furfuracea
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Zamia palm is considered a living fossil plant that is survived on this earth since the time of the dinosaurs. Cardboard palm belongs to the Cycad family (cycad is greek for "palm"). The rigid, woody, medium-green foliage of cardboard plant emerges from a large underground storage root and forms a loose, spreading, symmetrical rosette. Providing a tropical landscape effect, cardboard plant’s mounding growth habit is ideally suited for use in containers or as a specimen. Several can be planted together for a lush, tropical effect. They also create a dramatic effect when mass-planted in a shrub border, eventually reaching to 6 or 8 ft tall. Plant on three to five-foot-centers to create a mass planting. It is a popular hosehold plant and is very easy to grow and maintain. I would recommend personally if you have minimum time for plant care but you are yet a plant lover.

Cardboard palm makes a great accent or specimen plant. Use near the patio, in mixed foundation plantings or in perennial beds. This cycad is salt resistant and can be used in beachside plantings. Also makes a great container plant for the patio or deck. It is a great houseplant tough enough to survive occasional neglect and harsh indoor environments.

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Product Information:   

Type: Outdoor Plant,Palm, Cycud
Exposure: Full Sun
Conditions: All Conditions
Flowering time: Not Showy
Fragrant: No
Habit: Slow Growing
Foliage: Rosettes of firm green leaves.
Drought Tolerance: High
Salt Tolerance: High
Light: Requires Good amount of Sunlight. Can also survive in semishade.
Indoor Temperature: Warm temp., all year, but in winter will withstand as low as 6°C
Sensitive to: Overwatering
Max Height: 2 to 5 ft
Watering: Avoid watering the Cardboard palm excessively, always leaving the soil dry for a few days between one watering

Repotting: Necessary when the plant come out of the pot.
Problems: Virtually problem free


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