Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree Banyan Tree Banyan Tree Banyan Tree
Banyan Tree
Name: Banyan Tree
Common Name: Bargad
Botanical Name: Ficus Benghalensis
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Banyan is a common home and houseplant, but in the wild it's a giant tree of Indian jungles. Banyan starts out life as an epiphyte growing on another tree where some fig-eating bird deposited a seed. As it grows, banyan produces aerial roots that hang down from horizontal branches and take root where they touch the ground. These vertical "prop roots" can create a forest on their own. Banyan can get 100 ft tall and, with its massive limbs supported by prop roots, spread over an area of several acres.. The leaves of the tree are large and leathery. They often have prominently marked veins. The figs are scarlet red, about a half-inch in diameter, and reportedly not particularly tasty.

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Type : Evergreen Landscape Tree, Outdoor Tree, Household plant, Medicinal Plant

Exposure: Full Sun

Conditions: Hard

Flowering Time: not showy

Fragrant: No

Habit: Fast growing

Foliage: Dense

Drought Tolerance: High

Salt tolerance: High

Light: Full Sunlight required

Temperature: 15-50°C

Sensitive to: Frost

Watering: We recommend watering the young specimens, or the recently sheltered ones; the adult specimens usually are satisfied with rain water. Water rarely, about once every 4-5 weeks with 1-2 buckets of water , keeping the soil dry for a few days before watering again; when wetting we suggest avoiding surpluses, however to wet the soil deep down.

Repotting: Initially in small age, plant can be kept in large pot as it grows rapidly but it is recommended to ground it.

Problems: Banyan Tree cannot tolerate frost so it recommended keeping the plant in full sunlight.

Max.Height: 82 ft


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