Neem Neem Neem
Name: Neem
Common Name: Neem
Botanical Name: Azadarichta Indica
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Neem is a tropical evergreen tree native to the Indian sub-continent. This tree has a history of growing up a recorded height of 50 ft. and has been used for many different purposes for more than 4500 years. The earliest documentation revealed usage of various parts of Neem tree like fruit, leaves, seed oil, roots and bark for their benefits to animals and human beings due to its medicinal properties. Its leaves and extract are well documented as medicine for skin diseases and as the best available tonic for the skin and external use.

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Type: Evergreen Landscape Tree, Outdoor Tree, Household plant


Exposure: Full Sun Light


Conditions: Hardy, Tough


Flowering Time: Between Jan & April


Fragrant: Yes


Habit: Dense


Foliage: Wide spread


Drought Tolerance: Low


Salt Tolerance: Medium


Light: Full sunlight


Temperature: 0-50 °C


Sensitive to: water-logged areas and poorly drained soils


Watering: Low water requirement


Repotting: Initially in small age, plant can be kept in large pot as it grows rapidly but it is recommended to ground it.

Problems: Shifting of Neem plant again and again may lead to the death of the plant. Neem plant should not be planted in water logged areas and areas which has high moisture climatic conditions.


Max.Height: 50-65 ft.


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